Social Policy and Responsibilities

Sustainable development is a key priority for Sodrugestvo Group and one of the essential components of its everyday activities

Our activity is based on social accountability principle. We realize how important is to know and respect the interests of all parties concerned (employees, partners, shareholders, government authorities, public organizations, mass media agencies and the public of presence countries and regions). We know that people expect stability, accountability, and transparency from us as a large agricultural Group. We do our best to comply with their expectations, realizing our sustainable development strategy in step-by-step manner.


We support the self-development of our employees and promote a diversity environment. We value transparency and, therefore, stand against discrimination, child labor practices and forced labor throughout the whole value chain. We strive to ensure the well-being and development of each individual; we take all possible measures to minimize the negative impact on the health, living conditions and safety of our employees, partners and the countries' residents of the regions of our presence;


We strive to enrich our relationship with the local communities in countries of our presence. This way we offer multiple social programs and initiatives for supporting NGOs, educational institutions and cooperate actively with governmental representatives to address numerous issues. We consider the social characteristics of the countries and regions in which we operate; demonstrate social activity in relation to the needs of residents and regional public associations, offering financial assistance and personal engagement; promote the development and stimulate the economy of countries and regions. Whenever possible, we strive to hire local professionals, thus, creating new work places.


We rely on long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners worldwide. We constantly offer a personalized approach and make the business go hand on hand with environmental-friendly goals. Sodrugestvo Group is closely linked with local farmers and organizations, thus, shaping a wide stakeholder group. We take into account the opinion of stakeholders when making decisions in the field of industrial, environmental and social security. We maintain an open communication with all stakeholders and ensure that they would be regularly informed about the state of affairs in the Group of Companies, and the measures we are taking for reduction and elimination of environmental and social risks;