Health and safety

Sustainable development is a key priority for Sodrugestvo Group and one of the essential components of its everyday activities

The Group’s fundamental priority is workplace safety as well as safety and health protection of each staff member.

The Company defines the following goals in this respect:

  1. Creation of safe labor conditions and saving the life and health of Company's employees;
  2. Ensuring safe operation of hazardous industrial facilities;
  3. Reduction of risks of accidents in hazardous industrial facilities.

To achieve these goals, the Company relies upon the following principles:

  • Constant improvement and efficiency upgrading in functioning of the system of labor safety and health protection management with due regard to the requirement of the standard OHSAS 18001:2007, as well as other international standards and recommendations of international organizations for industrial safety and hygiene, professional risks;
  • Constant updating of action plans for improvements of workplace conditions and reduction of professional risks levels, including identification of existing hazards, risk evaluation and establishing adequate measures of risk management;
  • Constant monitoring of changes in legislation regarding industrial safety and health protection, tracking changes in requirements of parties concerned;
  • Priority of measures for prevention of adverse impact of industrial factors on employees and locals over measures for elimination of consequences of such impact;
  • Effective interaction with regulatory bodies in the sphere of industrial safety and health protection for taking prompt measures to avoid nonconformities.
  • Continuous upgrading of competence of the Company staff and partners performing operations at the Company facilities, monitoring their compliance with standards and norms with respect to labor protection and industrial safety adopted by the Company;
  • Constant updating of the system of prevention of accidents and occupational diseases in production;
  • Improvement of technological processes, usage of equipment and processes ensuring occupational safety;
  • Development of corrective measures upon results of monitoring, assessment of workplaces, internal and external audits for compliance with legal and other requirements applicable to Company risks related to occupational safety;
  • Creating conditions ruling out any activities causing damage to life, health or property of all participants of production processes and parties concerned;
  • Ensuring that every Company employee realizes that supporting production safety should be an integral part of their activities based upon an inner commitment.