Environmental protection

Sustainable development is a key priority for Sodrugestvo Group and one of the essential components of its everyday activities

Impact on the environment

Environmental factors in the process of industrial operations of Sodrugestvo Group involve:

  • air emissions;
  • water use;
  • power use;
  • impact of physical factors (noise);
  • wastes and byproducts.

Fundamental priorities of the Group in terms of environmental protection are:

  • preservation of healthy environment and biodiversity;
  • implementing best available technologies at the Companies;
  • involving all employees in the process of upgrading the environmental protection level;
  • transparency and accessibility of environmental information of the Companies of Sodrugestvo Group, effective public outreach by specialists and executives;
  • compliance with requirements of national and international environmental laws and regulations applicable to the Group activities.

At all the production sites of Sodrugestvo Group there is implemented and subsists an environmental management system based upon ISO 14001 requirements. Moreover, the Group Companies are certified in the social responsibility and environmental sustainability management system meeting the relevant Cert ID ProTerra standards, and in the management system of environmental sustainability of greenhouse gas emissions control meeting the standards of ISCC EU, ISCC Plus. 
Reducing environmental impact is a key priority for Sodrugestvo Group in ensuring sustainable growth.

Water saving

The plants of Sodrugestvo Group are equipped with state-of-the-art waste-water treatment facilities, which at the final stage of treatment are fitted with ultrafiltration membranes. This allows increasing water return in the water recirculation system and reducing waste-water discharge.

Impact of physical factors (noise)

At the Companies of Sodrugestvo Group a special focus is made on reduction of noise impact on the environment and the local community. Various programs of noise exposure reduction are being implemented. Major noise sources are equipped with noise dampers and noise screens.

Impact on the atmosphere

All major air emission sources are equipped with gas-purifying and dust-trapping units. Quantitative indicators of air emissions from Sodrugestvo crushing facilities meet the requirements of reference books on best available technologies.

Power saving and reduction of fossil fuels consumption

In Sodrugestvo Group, an energy management system is implemented, its purpose being the reduction of energy consumption and lowering of greenhouse gas emissions. Regular internal audits for compliance with the management system of environmental sustainability of GHG emissions control ISCC EU, ISCC Plus constantly show high results in reduction of GHG emissions.

Waste recycling and byproducts

All byproducts obtained in production of vegetable oils are widely used in various segments of industry and consumption, which allows minimizing the amount of wastes produced. Sodrugestvo Companies constantly work on increasing the amount of wastes being recycled.