Sodrugestvo Group reports the full repayment of its corporate bonds

22 Nov 2009

On October 22nd, 2009 O.O.O. Sodrugestvo Finance, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sodrugestvo Group has paid the coupon and the principal of its corporate bonds in full and on time. Sodrugestvo Finance had issued bonds for an amount of 2,500,000,000 Roubles and bearing a semi-annual coupon of 10.45% p.a. on October 22nd 2006. This facility has been used primarily to finance the infrastructure assets owned by Z.A.O. Sodrugestvo Soya, a fully-owned subsidiary of the Sodrugestvo Group, in Kaliningrad. The facilities in Kaliningrad understand a deep-sea port terminal and its railroad infrastructure, dry bulk storage with a capacity of 166,000 tons, liquid bulk storage with a capacity of 42,000 m3 (including the only tropical oil storage facility in Russia), two soybean and rapeseed crushing plants with a combined capacity of 1.1 million tons per year.
Despite the financial crisis, the Sodrugestvo Group has pursued its infrastructure investment policy in 2009 and is planning the extension of its port and storage facilities in 2010 to facilitate the export of Russian agricultural commodities through Kaliningrad.

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