Income payment under the fourth coupon under Open Company "Sodrugestvo - Finans" Bonds.

26 Oct 2008
On October, 23rd, 2008 payment of 4th coupon under unconvertible percentage documentary bonds of the Society with limited liability «Sodrugestvo – Finans» to bearer with the obligatory centralised storage (the state registration number 4-01-36179-R from 14.09.2006) has taken place. The Total sum of coupon payments has made 130 275 000,00 roubles (Hundred thirty millions two hundred seventy five thousand roubles). Quantity of bonds – 2 500 000 (Two million five hundred thousand) pieces a face-value 1 000 (One thousand) roubles everyone. Payments are carried out to 36 owners and nominal holders of bonds. The coupon income for the third coupon period makes 52 roubles of 11 copecks on one bond and is calculated proceeding from the interest rate of 10,45 % annual. Payment 5 - го the coupon will take place on April, 23rd, 2009