30 Jan 2007
"Sodrugestvo" Group of Companies with pleasure inform the investors about the changes that took place:

After the required procedures completion (the Directors Board session, shareholders meeting)
It was decided to increase the head company United Trading A/S equity by 247.7 million Danish crones (USD 44.3 mill). This is the third by order growth of the equity capital of the United Trading A/S during the last year. Totally following the results of 2006 year the equity capital of the "Sodrugestvo" GC Parental Company increased by USD 59, 394 mill.

The major part of the capital increase was aimed at financing investments activities.
The basic object of the "Sodrugestvo" GC investments currently is the Deep Water Marine Terminal Construction and Soy Crushing Plant Project whish is realized on the CSC "Sodrugestvo - Soya" Kaliningrad base.