• San Antonio

    Storage capacity of 259 000 tons

    The terminal is located in San Antonio, which is 23 kilometers south of the Paraguayan capital, Asuncion, on the left riverbank.

    The terminal comprises: 
    • 3 piers for river barges with loading capacity of 19,200 metric tons per day; 
    • 11 steel silos with total capacity of 48,500 metric tons; 
    • 6 mechanized flat grain storages with total capacity of 210,500 metric tons; 
    • 6 truck discharge points with unloading capacity of 19,500 metric tons per day (600 trucks); 
    • Vehicle weight checkpoint consisting of 4 scales with capacity of 80 metric tons each; 
    • 3 weight checkpoints for shipping grain to water transport; 
    • System of conveyor galleries with ability of shipping grain from any storages to any wharves; 
    • Packaged goods storage of 1950 m2; 
    • Administrative buildings, laboratory, workshop and checkpoint; 
    • Parking lot for trucks with capacity for 300 trucks. 

    The area of the terminal is 14 Ha.

    Area of the additional parking lot is 5.42 Ha.

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    • Paraguay, San Antonio
    • Paraguay, San Antonio
    • Paraguay, San Antonio
    • Paraguay, San Antonio