• Paredon

    Storage capacity of 58 000 tons

    The terminal Paredon is located on the right bank of the Parana River, in the Paraguayan province of Itapua about 11 kilometers southwest of the village Hohenau.

    The terminal comprises:  
    • 1 berth for river barges with loading capacity 6 000 tons per day;
    • Mechanized flat storage with capacity of 34,000 tons; 
    • 4 flat floor silos with capacity of 24,000 tons; 
    • 2 truck discharge points with unloading capacity of 6 400 tons per day (213 trucks); 
    • Vehicle weight checkpoint consisting of 1 weigher with capacity of 80 tons; 
    • Weight checkpoint for shipping grain to water transport; 
    • System of conveyor galleries and shipping grain to barges; 
    • Laboratory equipped with a pneumatic sampler; 
    • Office buildings.

    The area of the terminal is 5 Ha.

    Photo gallery

    • Paraguay, Paredon
    • Paraguay, Paredon
    • Paraguay, Paredon
    • Paraguay, Paredon