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Rapeseed oil - is produced during the processing of rapeseed.

As a rich source of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids similar to the soy oil, it plays an important role in the human vital needs; it is used for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (reduces the potential of thrombosis in the human organism and level of cholesterol in the blood) and contributes to enhanced metabolic activity.

Taking into account the chemical and physiological properties of rapeseed oil, only refined deodorized rapeseed oil can be used for direct human consumption and in the various sectors of the food processing industry (oil and fat production, bakery, confectionary, canned foods, meat processing).

Unrefined rapeseed oil can be further processed into commercial goods or used for industrial purposes. Olso we produce high oleic unrefined rapeseed oil as per order of the customers (minimum content of oleic acid is 72%).

Quality factors Maximum
f.f.a (as oleic, molec. weight 282), % (ISO 660) 1.75
moisture and volatile matter, % (ISO 662) 0.4
impurities (insoluble in petrol, ether), % (ISO 663) 0.4
300 ppm = 0,75% as lecithin (conversion factor 25) (expressed as phosphorus), %
(ISO 10540-2) 0.03
erucic acid, %  (ISO 5508/5509) 2.0
flashpoint minimum 121 C (250 F)

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