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Rapeseed meal is the product of rapeseed processing after oil extraction with the use of additional treatment involving heat and humidity (toasting). The rapeseed processing employed at the factory is based on the fore-pressing/extraction method without the preliminary seed hull separation stage.

The rapeseed meal features has high general nutrient value and digestibility and therefore is a valuable source of premium quality feed protein and well-balanced amino acid supply. The bioavailability of the rapeseed protein is about 86%.

The addition of the rapeseed meal into animal feed diets is one of the key factors of animal breeding intensification, especially in the poultry and hog breeding industries.

Quality factors
Weight fraction of moisture, %, maximum 8-12
Mass fraction of crude protein on absolute dry matter basis, %, minimum 37.0
Mass fraction of crude fat on absolute dry matter basis, % maximum 3.0
Mass fraction of crude fibre in defatted product on absolute dry matter basis, %, maximum 16.0

Packaging: Rapeseed meal is delivered in bulk or in 50 kg bags.

Storage: In clean dry premises.

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