Granulated Soy Hull

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Feed soy hull is a feed granulated product manufactured from high protein soybean meal and soy oil by direct extraction with prior soybean dehulling and separation of hull from the extractive material.

Separated hull undergoes crushing, wet-heat treatment (toasting) and granulation. Granulated soy hull is used as a supplement feed in the production of combined feed for livestock animals and as raw material for production of fibre.

Quality factors
Mass fraction of crude protein on absolute dry matter basis, %, minimum 10.0
Mass fraction of crude fat on absolute dry matter basis, % maximum 6.0
Weight fraction of moisture and volatile matters, %, maximum 12.0
Mass fraction of crude fibre on absolute dry matter basis, % maximum 45.0

Packaging: Soy hull is delivered in bulk or in 50 kg bags.

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