• Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors of Sodrugestvo Group S.A. is comprised of four directors: three executive directors from the company’s management and independent one who participate in planning and development of business strategies, but who do not engage in the day-to-day management of the organisation.

    This is a group of true professionals, who have skill sets in various areas and are internationally recognised specialists in such areas as trade or banking. They have all been invited to the Company based on their impeccable reputations, integrity and experience.

    The following operating committees of the Board of Directors have been set up: Audit Committee, Risk Management Committee and Remuneration Committee.

    Members of the Board of Directors:

    Executive Directors:

    Aleksander Lutsenko, Chairman of the Board.

    Elena Lutsenko
    Ms. Lutsenko graduated from Belarus State Economic University (2006), The Russian Presidential Academy of Public Administration (2008) and Moscow International Business School “Mirbis” (Institute) (2008) with honours degree. She speaks Russian, English and German fluently. During her career Ms. Lutsenko has been rotated for various positions within finance sphere, currently she serves as a Tax Planning Director.

    Sergey Churkin, Chief Financial Officer
    Mr. Churkin (b. 1968) graduated from SciencesPo of Paris with a DESS degree in corporate finance. He speaks fluent Russian, English, and French. Sergey has 19 years of experience in corporate finance with international and Russian organisations, including Arthur Andersen,  Lafarge and Borets International. Sergey is responsible for the global finance function reporting directly to the CEO.

    Independent Director:

    Patrick Santer

    Mr. Santer (b. 1970) graduated from the University of Robert Schuman, Strasbourg, in 1993, the University of François Rabelais, Tours, in 1994. Mr. Santer is registered with the Bar of Luxembourg since 1995 and has a large experience in different practice areas, such as private equity, real estate, financing, company law and litigation.
    Currently Mr. Santer is partner at Elvinger, Hoss & Prussen, one of the largest traditional law firms in Luxembourg.
    Since May 2009, Mr. Santer is a member of the Council of State of Luxembourg and chairs the committee on economic affairs and finance. He was a member of the Luxembourg Parliament for a period of nine years, four of which he chaired the legal committee.
    Mr. Santer has written various publications on civil law, company law, competition law, European law and data protection. He speaks fluent Luxembourgish, German, French, English.