Our mission is to provide the global market with safe, high-quality and available raw materials used in the feed and food industry for improving the life quality everywhere

Our goal is to become a global priority partner for our clients using effective supply chains and modern production. We are confident that our desire to thrive in the global market is possible only with cooperation with them.

Our Vision is based on the following key elements:

  • We thrive our business, develop new products and expand into new markets;
  • Being one of the largest investors in agro-industrial complex we contribute to ensure its food safety; 
  • We invest in modern technologies allow us to produce new food and feed products;
  • We are close-knit team of professionals who improve knowledge and skills day after day;
  • Our company is the most attractive employer in all countries of presence;
  • We work in full concordance with applicable legislation thus establishing the standard of behavior for both competitors and companies in other business sectors in all countries of presence.