Values and Code of Ethics

In our daily activities we follow the principles of mutual respect and trust

Our main values are:

  • People. Our fundamental element of success is people. We fully help them to improve, grow and develop intracompany ensuring their prosperity and material well-being;
  • Flexibility. We expand into new global markets and use new opportunities;
  • Quality. We provide our clients with high-quality products meet their requirements;
  • Safety. Safety rules are priority for us;
  • Legitimacy. We follow the applicable law and monitor all its changes to conform quickly; 
  • Responsibility. We always keep our promises in full and in time;
  • Effectiveness. We strive to achieve the best result with the lowest loses;
  • Honesty. We strive to be honest and objective in relationship with our employees and business partners;
  • Professionalism. We develop and train our employees helping them reach their full potential; 
  • Ecology and the surroundings. We realize our ecological responsibility.

Information on violation of health and safety procedures, unlawful actions and other breaches of Sodrugesvo Code of Ethics:


Code of Ethics

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