• Amino Acids

    Lysine is among the most valuable amino acids. It occurs in all proteins. However, its amount is insignificant in vegetable proteins; therefore, fodder is often short of it. The lysine shortage in animals and poultry results from diets mostly comprised of grains, sunflower meal, and insignificant amount (1-2%) of animal feeds.

    L-Lysine monohydrochloride, %, minimum99.0
    L-Lysine, %, minimum78.0- 79.0
    Moisture, %, maximum1.0
    pH level5.0-6.0

    Packaging: 25 kg bags, 800 kg big bags.

    The Sodrugestvo Group is the exclusive distributor of the Cheil Jedang Company in the CIS countries.

    Methionine is a monoaminocarbon sulphur-containing valuable amino acid. The body uses it as a source of sulphur, as well as for regulation of fat and protein metabolism. It takes part in formation of serine and cysteine, synthesis of vitamins, hormones, ferments, keratins, feather-building in poultry, promotes muscle growth (as part of the muscle tissue), prevents fat degeneration of the liver and regulates the intensity of the protein oxidation.

    Weight fraction of methionine, % 99.0
    Crystalline powder ranging in colour from light yellow and grey to light brown. Dissolves well in diluted mineral acids, caustic alkali, and ammonia, poorly soluble in water.
    Keep in enclosed unheated dry premises in the original packaging under temperatures ranging from -25°С to +40 °С.

    Countries of origin: Russia, France.

    Threonine is part of the group of valuable limiting amino acids. Vegetable proteins contain insufficient amounts of it. They use feed-grade crystalline L-Threonine to compensate for its shortages in the body and balancing out the combination fodder.

    L-Threonine, %, minimum99.0
    Moisture, %, maximum0.5
    pH level5.0-6.5

    Packaging: 25 kg bags, 1,000 kg big bags.

    The Sodrugestvo Group is the exclusive distributor of the Jedang Company in the CIS countries.

    Manufacturer: Heil Jedang (Indonesia)

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